If knowing about what food our favourite celebrities are eating in 140 characters wasn’t enough, Twitter has now added a whole bunch of new notification features so you can be sure you won’t miss what Lady Gaga had for lunch.

The update has been rolling out on both Apple and Android devices through out today and is set to offer a whole bunch of new features to keep us informed.

You now have the ability to preview a link before opening it with Twitters new “Expanded Tweet”. This feature is currently rolling out through out all of our devices and may not be currently available, but Twitter hope to offer the ability to “see content previews, view images, play videos and more.”

Another new feature is the ability to set notifications to individual Twitter accounts so you can “recieve notifications any time they tweet or retweet”. I’m not sure how this feature will benefit twitter users without becoming an annoyance. Unless you set it to notify you about n3rdabl3 tweets..

The next change to the UI is the ability to tap avatars to be taken to the users profile. Something I originally had difficult with because I’m so used to tapping on their username (which is now inactive). Something I’ll get used to, I’m sure.

Other updates in v3.3(Android) / v4.3 (iOS):
– Improvements to search autocomplete for users
– Many other tweaks, polish, and bug and crasher fixes

Now, go setup a notification for n3rdabl3s tweets to test out the new feature ;)

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