The XBMC team announced today that a version of the popular media player is in development for Android. For the unfamiliar, XBMC is a skinable, highly customizable, and free media player. I’ve been using XBMC for years on Windows, Mac, and my jailbroken AppleTV, I love XBMC’s brilliant TV and Movie libraries which look beautiful and will scrape various internet databases to add DVD cover art and movie/episode information to your videos.

The Android version is not quite ‘release-quality’ yet, but is fully functional. An .apk file was leaked shortly after the announcement, which I’ve loaded up on my Xperia Play and Galaxy Tab 7.0, on both devices the UI ran well, but video playback wasn’t great, there were plenty of dropped frames and the sound wasn’t entirely in sync – but this is pre-beta, so that’s to be expected. I’m looking forward to the official release of XBMC for Android.

Update (10/08/2012): For those of you who want to try out XBMC before it’s official release, check out our forum post here to get your hands on the compiled .apk!

Link: XBMC Website

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