Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine – Coming August 15th

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Team Fortress 2 (or TF2 for the sake of time) is probably one of the best free to play FPS games on Steam and coming tomorrow (August 15th) there’ll be a whole new dynamic to the already pretty diverse game.
There has been speculation that it’ll have a tower defence feel to it and with TF2 already being a well established FPS it’ll probably be similar to another popular Steam game Sanctum.Mann vs. Machine is a brand new Co-Op game where Red and Blu join forces to take on the oncoming hordes of Machines. Funnily enough the machines all have a similar appearance to each of the much loved characters.

The update also comes with a new map called Mannworks.mvm

Along with this awesome update to TF2, Valve has announced that the Steam Community is expecting a big update too that’ll feature more social elements such as highlighting the best screenshots and videos. Here’s a statement from Valve;

The New Steam Community is all about showing off the best content that gamers have created,” says Emily Kent at Valve. “With over 89 million screenshots, videos, Steam Workshop maps, levels, mods, and items, plus news articles and product updates, the community has created an unbelievable wealth of content around their favourite games.

If you haven’t already played TF2 you’re missing out! Get it here.

If you’re wondering when the Update is going to be launched I’d assume that it’d either be around 9/10am US time, EST/PST. That’s around 5/6pm GMT for us UK players.

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