Gaming on vacations

As a gamer I usually found myself taking with me at least one type of gaming console, mostly a handheld of some sort, with me on holidays. This year, I took none. The two most relevant reasons for this decision were that I (i) felt my smartphone would satisfy my gaming needs; and that I (ii) felt that besides having a break from work, having a break from gaming would also do me some good. Now, as my vacations have finished, and I have had some time to think about how it all worked out, I wanted to share some thoughts about gaming on holidays.

#1 Which gaming platform to take?
Although not having taken any (I am not considering smartphones or tablets) I did still struggle with the dilemma of choosing which console to take before departure. My key questions were: (i) what would I feel like playing? (ii) what would provide me with more choices during that time? (iii) what was I willing to carry?

#2 Was the smartphone an alternative to a ‘conventional’ handheld console?
Sorry, but no. Don’t get me wrong, there are several awesome games which I play frequently on both my iOS (e.g., Tap the Frog, Cut the Rope) and Android (e.g., Blob Squad, Defender II) devices, however the experience they provide for me it is not the same. Event if you consider more complex games that are normally associated with consoles I can’t seem to enjoy it as much (e.g., Grand Theft Auto III).

#3 Not having your gaming devices makes you realize which games you miss most
As some gaming needs surfaced, I found myself thinking what games I wished I could be playing. Even though I am playing several different titles at the same time, I came to see I missed some more than others. The ones I missed most were the ones I was interested in knowing how the story would evolve from where I left it, what was going to happen next, etc.

#4 Was a ‘break’ from gaming good?
Yes. Although I missed it, taking a break from everything you are used to do in your daily life is good. A break can help you get new perspectives as well as free your mind from the monotony of daily routines that settle in. Gaming is no exception.

#5 The gaming world does not stop
Having been offline from the news of the gaming world, I was overwhelmed at the quantity of the reviews, previews, trailers, etc., since I was gone. This billion-dollar industry is so fast paced nowadays that if you blink most certainly you will miss something. This comes to show the amount of effort put into all the dimensions of this industry.

#6 Gaming is a part of our life
The bottom line is that when you don’t have it, you miss it. This proves that it means something in our lives, either it is the temporary adrenaline rush, the imaginative worlds, or simply the possibility of becoming someone else. It has become a part of our own life.

Do you have holiday gaming experiences of your own? Share them! I would love to hear about them.

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