AwesomenautsNewly released on Steam is the 2D Multiplayer Indie game Awesomenauts, whose main focus is to pit players against each other to battle to the death. Throughout matches players must attack and defend turrets, as they strive to destroy the enemy’s base, all whilst defending their own. Players must use strategy and teamwork as a means to win.

AwesomenautsWithin Awesomenauts, there are the Awesomenauts! A variety of playable characters, each with their own unique characteristics, traits and skills which aid them in battle. These vary from Froggy G, an amphibious gangster rapper whose speciality is close quarter combat, to Clunk, a giant metallic robot tank who utilises missiles and his ability to self destruct as a method of besting his enemies! These characters act as one of the games primary advantages, because of their lovable nature. People take an instant liking to these warriors, which is ultimately a very simple way of immersing players into the game.

Despite the games simple concept, it is, none the least fun. The basic 2D game play should not raise suspicion in viewers, because despite the lack of a dimension, the game is still very pretty. The background in each and every map offers players a range of diverse locations, adding all the more to gasp and smile about.  The cutesy nature in the characters and AI robots give the feel that it is not a game to play competitively, instead a game to go to for a bit of fun and a good time.

However, one problem I do have with this game is the fact that the team with the first kill essentially gets the battlefield advantage, meaning that the other team really has to work to be able to reach the necessary in-match level, in order to restore any form of balance. Since upgrades can be purchased during matches through the game currency of Solar, the team with the first kill will have more Solar, which means more upgrades, making them harder to kill. Now whether this is a fact or it’s me being fussy and terrible (inevitably it will be the latter), I do feel that this can compromise the fun factor the game has to offer. I don’t like fighting an unfair battle, and that is mostly what I seem to be doing in this game.


However, despite this minor personally opinionated flaw, I do feel that this is a game that many players will enjoy. The artistic fashion of the game is one that will inspire players to take notice of the many details the game has to offer, and the thrilling game play and level system is sure to entertain gamers for hours to come. The game is also constantly updated and new and improved Awesomenauts are destined to fall into the game, further making the £6.99 price tag one that will not leave people with a sour feeling.

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Stevan Stevanovic

I tried the game and I loved it! Interesting and compeling to children (and adults) of all ages.


Looks brilliant, great article!