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Pokemon Black and White 2 comes with a feature known as the World Tournament. In this tournament you are able to fight against old adversaries of the previous Pokemon games. These challengers range from the likes of gym leaders of previous regions to old Elite Four champions.

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In an exciting turn of events, the winner of the Pokemon TCG World Championship is going to be forever remembered by their personified likeness in the World Tournament. Now you will have the chance to battle the Pokemon TCG World Champion in Black and White 2. This is really cool; Magic: The Gathering used to do something very similar to this. They would create a card out of the world champions using the players likeness and play style to create the art and mana types used on the card.

It is very interesting to think about how Nintendo is going to handle this. Considering often times tournament decks use many more than six Pokemon in them I assume the Black and White team incarnate will use the Pokemon that create the best support. The TCG battles are almost nothing like their in-game counterparts so I definitely look forward to seeing how they handle the conversion.

Also similar to something Magic: The Gathering has done, Pokemon TCG has recently started releasing pre-made decks exactly identical to the champions winning decks. Considering MTG and the Pokemon TCG are both made by Wizards of the Coast, I just wonder why MTG decided to stop using both of those features years ago, and why the Pokemon TCG just decided recently to begin doing them. Personally I always loved the MTG champions getting a special card made out of them. I actually use two of the champion’s cards in a couple of my main decks; they’re very nice. I also find it a shame they do not release the champions decks any more. I guess that probably has something to do with the fact that almost every deck running in world tournament for MTG are all copy cat decks anymore.

To learn more about the Pokemon TCG World Championship, or to see the official announcements, visit the official site.

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