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I wrote about Black Ops 2 a few months ago and since then a lot of things have been coming to light so here’s a more recent updated version of the Black Ops 2 Rumour Roundup.

This week has been an exciting week for Black Ops fans and gamers alike, with Gamescom revealing Black Ops 2 Multiplayer. Last Week at Gamescom we had a few days of LIVE streams of professional players playing Black Ops 2 Multiplayer.

Black Ops 2 Round Up Post v2.0 - n3rdabl3The main focus of the streams was the new “CoDCasting” feature. CoDCasting is Treyarch’s attempt at vamping up the spectator mode. CoDCasting enables a players to jump right in and start making commentary on the game, they can view individual players along with an over view of the entire game called “Picture in Picture” mode (left) the entire layout of the CoDCast screen can be customised from showing or hiding the players load out, displaying the HUD, right down to adding in your own logo (for those of you using the CoDCasting feature on a more professional basis).

Something that kept being mentioned during the live stream was “ESports”. Treyarch seemed to be set on getting that out there as it was mentioned about four or five times throughout each interview.  I think Treyarch are trying to steer the online portion of the game to more competitive people and the many teams you’ll find that play multiplayer FPS on a regular basis, which is great, but it doesn’t really appeal to casual players like me.

Another new feature is the introduction of League Play. Treyarch have stated that they’re trying to take everything they’ve made, strip it down, and make it better, that’s where League Play comes in. League Play is similar to Match Making that you may experience with other games. It takes note of your skill level, whether that’s with kill:death ratio or actual XP Level and then puts you in a game with similar players.

Black Ops 2 Round Up Post v2.0 - n3rdabl3Next on the list is the 10 Point Create a Class system as I mentioned in the last post. Treyarch have made it clear that they’re trying to enhance customisation in this instalment of Black Ops. They did a great job last time with the design your own emblem option, and hopefully this time they add something similar. The 10 Point Class system is pretty much what I explained in the last post, you have 10 allocation points to do with what you wish, whether that’s to build a swiss army gun filled with attachments or to go in with nothing but a few perks and a pistol. More information on the 10 point system can be found in more detail here.
While we’re on the subject of perks, Treyarch pointed out that unlike previous Call of Duty games, the perks in this game do nothing to your gun. The perks are there to aid you, the player, and not improve fire power or help your hip fire accuracy like with the Steady Aim perk. A list of the current Black Ops 2 perks can be found here.

Black Ops 2 Round Up Post v2.0 - n3rdabl3

Along with the fantastic new class system a couple of new maps were revealed too such as Cargo, Aftermath, Yemen and Turbine, and as we all know for those of us who pre-order Black Ops there’s got Nuketown 2025.

Treyarch seem to have taken a leaf out of Infinity Wards book by going with score streak rewards rather than the kill streak rewards us Black Ops players are used to. Score Streak Rewards work by the player accumulating points by getting kills, captures or plants, as well as defending an objective or scoring a double kill. Players can also earn points towards their score streak by putting up a spy drone, and every kill the players team gets while the drone is in the air adds 25 points to the score streak.

That’s all for now! Only two months to go until it’s release and I’m pumped! Keep an eye out for our exclusive release competition to win MSPoints or a PSNVoucher!

Check out a video of the multiplayer action on Turbine in the video below.

As well as this trailer:

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