The use of Augmented Reality has slowly been on the rise, whether it’s a QR code you hold up to your webcam to reveal some sort of interactive character or hovering your mobile camera over a brands logo to reveal some hidden treats, it’s starting to appear everywhere and I’m welcoming it with open arms!

One of the uses I described above can be done by using an iOS and Android app called Blippar.
Blippar is an augmented reality app that brands are using to promote content or competitions, you use the app to scan a particular logo or picture and right before your eyes you’re welcomed with an interactive promotional feature.

Budweiser LogoOne example I’m going to go with is Budweiser for obvious reasons. If you use Blippar to scan any Budweiser logo, whether it’s a bottle, can, multi pack box, or even the logo on your computer screen it’ll work, and you’re presented with the Kevin Harvick NASCAR Promo piece.
I know this isn’t too relevant to our UK readers, but for those of you in the US or even those of you into Nascar will appreciate it.
Budweiser and Kevin Harvick have teamed up with Blippar to bring you a neat interactive experience via the Blippar app, you can have your picture taken with Kevin, watch behind the scenes footage, and experience many more interactive features. Try scanning the logo on the left with the app & see for yourself!

There are many more ‘blipable’ images you can experiment with too such as a Justin Bieber promo and a Heinz promo. More images can be [block]0[/block].

Blippar is currently making its debut in the U.S. and has actually partnered with Budweiser Racing and Kevin Harvick for it’s release due to Budweiser celebrating their 30th year sponsoring the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS). The app has been available to UK users for a while and users have been putting it through it’s paces, according to the reviews on Google Play some of its features are still very much experimental, so far I’ve had no problems with using the app & it’s features but my Android device does struggle to exit the app and it crashes occasionally.

You can get Blippar for FREE on both iOS and Android.

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