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Diablo 3 is getting a massive patch very soon that will be introducing and improving a variety of mechanics. These include buffing up all of the current characters by boosting some of their skills, introducing a Paragon system, and, what I want to talk about now, improving the legendary items.

In Diablo 3 the legendary items are supposed to be god-tier, game changing items that buff you up in unimaginable ways. What they really seemed to be was just rare items with flavor text. They just flat out weren’t that good. The team working on Diablo 3 is hoping to fix many of the problems users were complaining about, one of the top ones being that they didn’t feel very unique.

Diablo 2 was the first game in the series to introduce “Unique” items. Now called Legendary items in Diablo 3, the unique items in games past did a very good job of making you feel like you were getting something special upon finding them. One of the ways this was done was by giving the item special, exclusive  to that item art. The items in Diablo 3 didn’t have art as special as previous games, and this is one of the many fixes going towards the new system.

The Diablo team, hoping to win back fan love for the legendary items, did a giant revamp to this system. The changes which will be made are as follows:

  • Adding custom effects- This can range from shoes burning the ground behind you as you walk on it, pants that make you “stinky” by emitting a gas cloud effect, and even mimicking some of the character abilities like a percent chance of turning enemies against each other.
  • Promoting build diversity- Diablo 3 uses the skill/rune to promote a ginormous amount of skill customization. They hope to allow even more options for a unique build through the use of legendary items effects. There are spears that increase the throwing ability and damage of barbarians, wands that increase spectral blade damage for wizards, and pet summon duration increase and cooldown decrease for the witch doctor. These are just some of the new effects that will be available on these special items.
  • Better importation of old Diablo items- It seemed like many of the items brought back from previous Diablo games were only really back in the fact that their names were the same. With the new revamped legendary items Blizzard hopes to keep the items true to their name in the spirit of the old items, and in some cases even improve the items.
  • Making them powerful- One of the problems with the legendary items was that they just didn’t feel very powerful. Blizzard didn’t want the items to become unbalanced and so they affixed a special equation upon generating legendary items. They decided this was making things worse; legendary items needed to be powerful and that it was OK when they were powerful. Now many of the legendary items will generate based on higher levels and, in some cases, the highest possible level so they may have access to the highest possible affixes rolls in the game.
























The changes look amazing and this is certainly something that will convince me to get back into Diablo 3, at least for a little while. This along with the class upgrades and Paragon system, which I will also talk about, is definitely something to invite players to get back into the game.

To see the original post visit the Diablo website, and watch the video below to get a good feel for the new upgrades to the Legendary items.

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