Equator ARTWORK Equator is a new local multiplayer game that set for release on the 23rd of August for iPad.

Equator is a great game for ages 5+ to get to grips with basic arrhythmic by playing a fun interactive game.

Equator is set on a small world separated into Northern and Southern hemispheres, Players must work together to balance the earth and keep the seasons turning. Gamers use different sets of figures and numbers to create a calculation with the same result as that of the other player.

The game features “squidgy farmers” that must team up to harvest the fruit of a tiny planet. Each piece of fruit has a different number allocated to it and each furry animal has a mathematical sign patterned on their bodies. The further players progress the more difficult the games become with bigger numbers and harder equations and some even include “()”! (I must point out that the brackets are bananas! haha). Communication is also the key because in later levels players have the ability to swap numbers by rolling their fruit through the hole that goes through the center of the planet!

Some of the other games features include; Four seasons of varying difficulty and maths coverage, Collaborative number-swapping gameplay, An array of zany character hats and outfits (everyone loves hats!), Unlockable achievements and bonus hats!

The game also includes Hi-res graphics for the Retina display iPad.

What makes this app great is that it’s played on just one iPad so it’s an awesome, educational game for kids and parents to play together and learn.

I’d probably make good use of this game as it seems fun, and simple to play but with the advantage of learning some maths! (One of my weak points).

Check out this neat trailer too!

For more info about Equator check out the official site http://tigerfacegames.com/equator

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