So as you can see from the video, Far Cry 3 is getting closer and closer and the trailers as per usual are as visually stunning as they are action packed. This awesome trailer is a ‘Survival Guide’ for Rook Island where you see the main character Jason Brody running through tropical rain forests, swimming in shark infested waters and escaping from crumbling caves and ruins.

Far Cry 3 is being published by Ubisoft and will have the usual multiplayer sandbox create your own map feature but with a major revamp, which can only be a good thing. Aswell as a brand new and improved story mode which will put you against violent islanders and vicious wildlife.

Far Cry 3 is very different in comparison to the previous installment, where there are several separate islands instead of the huge African savannah from Far Cry 2. I think its the thought of having to survive or die that I’m looking forward to the most,  hunt or be hunted.

Much like you get online in the likes of minecraft, people always like to make replicas of levels/maps from either other games or scenes from films. But Far Cry 2 was where I first came across the power of user created levels, such as Isengard from LOTR – which was my personal favorite and there was alot of maps from the first Modern Warfare.

Far Cry 3 is going to be released 30th November 2012 in the UK, 29th November for Europe and Australia and 4th December for North America.  Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows

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