Final Fantasy 3

final fantasySquare Enix announced yesterday that one of their most popular games in the Final Fantasy series will debut wit the new Kickstarter funded, Android based OUYA console that’s expected to be release in March 2013.

Final Fantasy III was first released in Japan in 1990 and was the only FF game that wasn’t released in North America and Europe, that was until it was re-made and released on the Nintendo DS in 2006. Since then the game has also been released on iOS and Android. The creators of Ouya remind us “This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FF III on their televisions through a console.”

Ouya brags that the Final Fantasy port will be updated to take advantage of its high-definition resolution. They’ll offer a free demo for people unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy series. Ouya is bringing a very good show, already gloating an exclusive title, launch support of OnLive, and a popular game port by Square Enix. It’s launch lineup is already looking better than many of the staple consoles.

Final Fantasy III follows four young orphans who investigate the impact made by an earthquake that roars through the village Ur that opens up a previously hidden cavern in the Altar Cave. The orphans discover the crystal of light that grants each orphan with a portion of the crystals power and informs them to go out and restore balance to the world.

During their adventures off the floating continent of which they were brought up on, they discover that Xande, one of the previous apprentices to the Archmage Noah is trying to get the crystal of light to bring chaos and destruction to the world.

The four – now warriors – eventually arrive at the Crystal Tower and discover that the Cloud of Darkness is responsible for the recent events that have unfolded.

Eventually the four warriors take on the Cloud of Darkness to restore order, the crystals and balance back to the world.

ouya and controller

Ouya demonstrated massive support from the public by breaking kickstarter records on it’s first day and earning more than two million dollars. Seven days of the kickstarter remain and they’ve raised six million of their requested 950 thousand. The support of the public is now being echoed by game developers with the Ouya exclusive Human Element, OnLive support, and now launch release of Final Fantasy III.

If you can’t wait until the release of the OUYA console you can get FFIII on the Nintendo DS, iOS, and Android.

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