Foul Play

dashforthFoul Play, where players take the role of Victorian daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth, in a new action packed side scrolling brawler coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade. In this particular game Baron Dashforth is the lead actor in his own life story and you must  smash, strike, banish and beat your way through hordes of wildly costumed extras as you recount your incredible life story live on stage while trying to keep the audience entertained. Throughout your epic screenplay you’ll travel through exciting world scenes such as the Victorian Streets of London to the sandy deserts of Cairo, Egypt.

The game also features “hordes of wildly costumed extras” that you can take down with “shattering takedowns, throws, and reversals” to leave the audience in awe!

The game isn’t all just single player action, you can also have a friend join you as Barons loyal companion Scampwick.

soldierchuckingSome other features of the game (some mentioned above) are;

–          A vaudevillian tale of daemons, disaster, deadly risks and duplicitous dealings
–          2 Player Co-op with special team takedowns and linking attacks
–          Crowd-pleasing battles, where style matters above all!
–          Beautifully animated scene changes to re-create the Baron’s adventures on-stage

Mediatonic announced the action packed brawler today and are also showing of their awesome new game over at Gamescom so if you’re there, be sure to check it out first hand!

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