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Usually us Android users have to connect to a PC app such as Samsung Kies or HTC Sync Manager to back up all of our text messages, contacts, call records, and our media. Some downloadable apps offer the ability to back up text messages, and others, but do you really want to have several different apps clogging up your Android device?

ScreenshotG Cloud backup is a complete back up service for Android. Free users get 1GB of space to use and their subscription packages for Unlimited space are fairly reasonable too ($2.99 or ~£1.90 per month).

The security they use on their storage that they offer is top notch too with SSL and AES256 Encryption.

Restoring your data is easy as pie too with just a simple check list asking what you’d want to restore and then BAM one button to restore it all.

Another incredibly great feature about this app is that the backups are universal, this means that if you changed from a Samsung phone to a HTC phone, the backups are completely compatible. This is such a powerful feature and a much needed one due to the vast amount of Android devices out there.

They’re also planning a web console for you to download your own backups in the near future so keep an eye out over on their site here.

G Cloud is a part of Genie 9 (Formerly Genie-soft) and offers personal computer back up for both home and  Windows Server and SQL backup for business users, and now their newly released G Cloud backup app for Android Devices. Genie 9 have been providing comprehensive back up services since 2001 and is used by the likes of NASA, Philips, Siemens, and ZyXEL – to name a few.


G Cloud on Google Play

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