gaming on batteries

We’ve got magazines on just about everything nowadays but what seems to be missing is a ‘zine focused purely on hand held gaming! Sure we’ve got dedicated magazines like Playandroid, iGamer app for the iPad, and the Nintendo Magazine, but what if you want to read about all three in one place?

Gaming on Batteries is a new magazine from the states that features all that and more.

gaming on batteriesThe first issue features Nintendo’s Kid Icarus: Uprising on the cover and the following reviews spread across 20 generous pages;

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on 3DS
Rayman Origins on PS Vita
Kid Dracula on original Game Boy
Eight Essential Game Boy games
A look at E3 2012 focused on portables
Transformers: G1 Awakening on iOS
Virtua Tennis Challenge on iOS

You can get the first issue of Gaming on Batteries in either digital or print form, those of you who order the print version of the magazine will receive a free digital copy.

You can order the ‘zine on Magcloud (for both print and digital versions) or via their website at


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