God of War: Ascension

The newest God of War game was revealed to include multilayer. This announcement came with very mixed replies from fans. Does God of War need a multiplayer element? Why do developers feel like every game needs multiplayer to be good? How would you even implement it in a game like God of War? Soon, all of these questions will be answered.

Todd Papy, the game director for God of War: Ascension, has announced the new beat for the game. This beta will focus on the multiplayer aspect of the title, and will be available world wide. It will be released first to PlayStation Plus members, then to the rest of the players. Papy hopes they will receive a lot of feedback regarding their multiplayer aspect so that they can further enhance the experience.

One of the first decisions you make in the multiplayer game is with god to pledge your alliance to. The ones you may choose between are Zeus, Hades, Ares and Poseidon. I’ll be choosing Ares all the way, in true God of War fashion. Each god will offer unique combat styles and abilities. The attack style of your chosen god is critical to your warriors path.

Papy promises many customization options in terms of upgraded weapons and armor, special abilities and magical relics to spend your exp on. Many of the multiplayer matches are team based, and each team will include a player aligned with every different god. In the words of Todd Papy, this will help in “not only balancing out the strengths of each team, but creating a mythical and diverse combat war in every match.”


ascension multiplayer
Very mythical indeed.

The multiplayer mode was first available for gameplay earlier today during Gamescon. Players also had a chance to try out a single-player battle with the brutal Elephantaur. If you forget who exactly the Elephantaur is, it’s this ugly mug.


They will also feature the demo at upcoming con PAX. If you’re heading down to this huge convention it could be your chance to play this new demo before the beta is released to anyone. How is that for bragging rights.

God of War: Ascension will be out in stores March 12, 2013. The newest, and very M rated trailer, for Ascensions multiplayer can be watched below. To learn more about the game or see the announcement for the beta, visit the official PlayStation Blog.


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