Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds is pretty much everywhere you go and if you’re an avid Facebook Game player, you’ve probably noticed and played Angry Birds Friends.

Angry Birds Friends is basically a version of Angry Birds where you can take on your friends high scores on a more social level, it has pretty much the same concept apart from levels being split into tournaments and “episodes”.

The Green Day episode of Angry Birds was announced yesterday (Aug 20th) and comes with 10 exciting new levels along with Pig incarnations of the three members. Each level is inspired by the band and one level also features the famous heart grenade as a destroyable tower.

green day angry birdsThe game also features Green Days latest single “Oh Love”, and an exclusive song “Troublemaker.”

The Lead Singer of the popular Pop Punk band Billy Joe Armstrong has said “We’re all fans of Angry Birds, It’s such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn’t stop. Go Team Green!”.

Whether you’re a fan of Green Day or not, everyone likes a new set of Angry Birds levels and challenges so get on Facebook and give them a go!

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