harvest moon cow plush

harvest moon cow plush

Natsume, the creators of Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and the like, will soon be having a special Anniversary Edition available for pre-order for their newest game. This special edition will include  large 12 inch cow plush.Currently this cow is the only thing mentioned in the anniversary edition, but Natsume has urged people to watch their Facebook for further updates on the special edition.

This effectively means there are two different editions of the game you can pre-order. The Normal copy will get you the Yak plush I talked about earlier, and pre-ordering the Harvest Moon: New Beginning Anniversary Edition will get you the very large cow plushy. They’re essentially both the same game but with different plush toys. The Yak toy, however, is not nearly as large as the cow.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning  Anniversary Edition is only available for pre-order directly from their website; you can’t get it from any retail stores. It will be available for pre-order starting on September 24th.  The Anniversary Edition will be 49.99 USD while the normal edition with the Yak will be 39.99 USD.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning will release on November 6th 2012 for North America. It will be 3DS exclusive so don’t mistakenly get it if you don’t have one! Now I’m going to have to decide between a cow and a yak for my pre-order.

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