Ice Rage

ice rage abHeroCraft announced on the 24th a co-operation with Mountain Sheep to bring their number one  iOS game Ice Rage to Android initially and then on Symbian and BADA in the future.

Ice Rage, tagged as “the number one Sports Game on iOS in US, Canada, Finland and 25 other countries” is a neat looking ice hockey game where players have a team of two players, an attacker and a goal keeper. The game has a unique retro feel with a simple virtual joystick and button control to navigate one of Mountain Sheeps famous characters around such as Enviro-Bear, Bike Baron, and John Gore. The game also has the ability to have to players on a single device which is great!

ice rage abIt’s been said that the game takes on more of a table hockey feel but with more fancier graphics and an additional AI player, due to lack of achievements and customisation but sometimes the simplicity of a game is what makes it great!

If like me you’re terrible at table sports games, there’s good news, while your opponent is trying to get past you to score a goal you can actually just keep smacking them with your stick until they give up the puck, just like real life ice hockey! (I kid).

Keep an eye out over at Google Play for the release of Ice Rage

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