IFTTT homeIf who then what? Ever wondered how the busy-bods of the internet seem to  do so much at once.  They don’t have jobs and sit in their bedrooms all day?  Perhaps; but the successful ones network and connect their online comings-and-goings cleverly and efficiently.

Connecting your social networking, websites, blogs etc. to one another is a fantastic way to up your traffic and exposure to the entire world.  There are plenty of ways to do so but I find that the easiest way is neatly packaged as a small website simply called, IFTTT.comIFTTT channels

IFTTT is a free service with the premise that if you post something in one place, then something happens because of it elsewhere. Be it that you post a status which gets automatically posted to your Twitter, or that ThinkGeek.com adds a new product that you’re interested in and you receive an email notifying you.  There are tons of opportunities.  Auto-tweeting is a key one – (due to Twitters T’s & C’s you can’t @ reply people in auto-tweets.)  But it is a fantastic way to post something in one place, then have it instantly replicated across all of your websites.  There’s lots of available platforms to implement it into, with as many combinations as you can think of.  Some of them are already provided by some of the websites, for example sharing your Tweets to Facebook and photos from Flickr to Twitter, Tumblr etc., but it’s the personalisation that gives this it’s edge.  If your Twitter feed is informative about a certain topic then you can set it to either post retweets or original tweets about that topic, whenever it comes up in whatever domain you make it look into!  You can set up searches for if certain people tweet, or tweet a certain thing so you can retweet, or get an email to say they’ve tweeted.  These links are called recipes on the site and genuinely the possibilities are endless.IFTTT Recipes

Included in this post are the top recipes that have been made for Twitter to give you some examples.  And yes, you can create your own tailor-made recipes, or use ones made and shared by other users.  You never know, you might go on there have a look and think, “I never thought of doing that!”




So get efficient and look like a pro, check out IFTTT.com and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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