Instagram has been a pretty big hit since it’s release on iOS at the end of 2010 and an even bigger hit as soon as it came over to Android earlier this year, sure it may have lost a few fance when Facebook stepped in and bought the company but four months have passed and there’s still no change to the classic Instagram service.

But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about a Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to put a new digital photo frame into production aptly named the Instacube. The Instacube has an ARM processor, 4GB internal flash memory, and a 6.5-inch capacitive touch display – perfect for displaying Instagram photo’s. The Instacube also runs on an Android based OS!


The Instacube looks great and appears to be simple to use too with only 3 buttons (power, one to toggle between feeds, and a “heart” button for you to ‘like’ photo’s that come up on your Instagram feed.) and a touch screen display for easy input or to flick past pictures you don’t want to see, and you can start displaying your Instagram feed within a few easy steps. Plug in and turn on the device (or let the frames rechargeable lithium battery take over power supply duties), connect to your WiFi hub, use the touch screen to sign into Instagram and bingo, you’re all set.

Don’t let the picture to the left deceive you though! It’s quite a hefty bit of kit that boasts a whopping 7.5″ Square Frame with an already mentioned 6.5″ capacitive touch screen.

instacubeblacknwhiteSo far the Instacube has been well received and has already managed to raise $354,847 with 2,336 backers and with 23 days left until the project is funded who knows what it’ll achieve. If they reach $400k they’re planning on releasing a black and a white version of the frame (left).

Because the Instacube runs on Android once they’ve perfected the devices integration with Instagram the developers hope to add more features and even applications to the digital frame in the future and possibly open it up to the developer community.

If you love the idea of the Instacube and want to back the Kickstarter why not pledge $249 and receive one of one thousand limited edition “Vintage Spring” versions of the digital frame – and that’s not all check out the Instacube over at their Kickstarter page for even more backer rewards!

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