Half Life 3

xl Half Life  ConfirmationAn article from T3 today showed the image (left) and stated that;

Half Life 3 is to be revealed this week at Gamescom, according to a pdf from the games show’s website which lists all the titles that will be announced at the conference.

Along with that, T3 also stated that the gaming magazine Game Informer “for the first time in history” plan to hold back the issue to “accommodate a huge announcement being made at Gamescom”. This could be for real, or just all of us jumping to an over exited conclusion like it’s Christmas morning.

The announcement was then updated and our dreams of the highly anticipated third instalment of the Half Life series was quashed. The update stated;

UPDATE: Games site Eurogamer says it has been told the inclusion of Half Life 3 on the list is a ‘mistake’, though when asked no explanation was given. There has been no announcement from Valve, EA or Gamescom.

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those conspiracy posts pointing out that Half-Life 3 being revealed at Gamescom is the real deal because Eurogamer could be correct. But I will add my own personal thought;

The Eurogamer statement stating that HL3 being included on the list is a ‘mistake’, but then not releasing any other explanations as to why they’re so sure may be an indication that they know a little more than they let on, and with the Eurogamer Expo being just around the corner who knows, maybe they’re getting the big reveal?

UPDATE: A quick browse of Reddit revealed a comment with quoted material from the above PDF.

(Translated from German)

Expected announcements gamescom 2012′

  • Please take note of the sources: exhibitors, media, intenet forums, blogsNo responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.
  • Games are presented exclusively to specialized press in business areas for trade visitors. 

A little strange for a game show to not actually know who’s coming to their event, but hey!


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