Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne

I love nothing more than a good old school video game, and even more than that I love watching TV.

hawkthorneCommunity is probably one of my top 10 favourite TV shows of all time and one episode in particular made me smile throughout, and that was the third to last episode of Season 3 “Digital Estate Planning“. This episode was brilliant because about 70% of the episode took place within an old school video game with all of the shows characters animated as little pixel representations of themselves.

This episode was so good that a few members of Reddit took it upon themselves to re-create the video game seen in the show – Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne.


I’ve downloaded and started up the latest release of the game and so far it’s looking incredible. The developers have done a real good job at designing each level and re-creating each of the characters and their actions as seen in the show and the music is pretty great too, who doesn’t love a bit of chip tune?

The game is built using the love engine – an open source framework for developing 2D games – and is still very much under development. This is where you come in! The subreddit is the main place for anyone to post ideas, sprites and tiles, characters and costumes and even music as well as any game developments you may have made.

troy jumpThe subreddit itself has been active for 2 ish months (possibly) and so far and the game has been in development for around 3 months (I think?) has come up with a pretty solid frame of a game to work with which is impressive to say the least. I could see this game becoming something pretty big in the future due to Community having such a big following and who doesn’t like a free game?

Development news and releases can be found on the subreddit here. Join in and contribute – if you can! Help out some more by sharing this post too!

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