Me and my wife are huge fans of puzzle games, we’ve spent hours playing through all of the Professor Layton games, we’ve sat scratching our heads at the mobile game 100 Floors, searched high and low for hidden objects in Escape Rosecliff Island and last night we spent most of the night playing LIMBO (a little Minecraft too) on Xbox Live Arcade.


LIMBO is probably one of the best puzzle games we’ve played in a long time.

The tag line of the game is fairly brief, but it’s all you need to know what you’re doing throughout the game.

Uncertain of his Sister’s Fate, a Boy enters LIMBO…

The game is simple to play and simple in style, there’s no fancy graphics or explosions, and the entire game is in black and white.

You take the roll of a little boy, looking for his sister, there’s no explanation why or how she ended up in LIMBO but that’s what makes this game more interesting. At the beginning of the game you watch as the boy opens his brilliant white eyes (the only think that’s visible when the surroundings are pitch black) he stands up and you begin your puzzling adventure.

limbo sp
As soon as the spider entered screen I yelled “fuck that”. Its genuinely terrifying.

The game’s creator must be the most interesting person in the world to come up with a game like this that involves using corpses to solve puzzles and creating tasks that, if not done correctly could maim or completely obliterate a small boy.Along the way you’re met with an array of puzzles, some fairly simple, others are life threatening, fast paced, heart racing conundrums. Along with the puzzles you also come across some ghastly images of hanging men, dead corpses floating in a pool and the most terrifying giant spider that’s out to get you

The game is incredibly easy to jump in and out of too. Me and my wife both took turns playing this game, I’m usually the one who looks at things far too complicated, so my wife comes along and does that part of the level with ease and I’m left feeling like a pillock..

You can find LIMBO on Xbox 360, PS3, PC via Steam, on the Mac App Store, and also on OnLive. PlayDead studios has also recently released a special edition version of the game, you can find some more info about that here.


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André C. Santos
André C. Santos

I finished the game yesterday, and I have to say that I was surprised. I downloaded through the PSN and I didn’t play anything in between (it is also not that big so…). 

The game was addictive, challenging, and an overall change from the shooting/fighting/explosion types I usually play. The puzzles are core and awesome; being both difficult to figure out, but that after solving them, gives you the sensation of “ahhh-haaaa that makes sense”. 

A must play, in my opinion.