So the Olympics are now nearly half way through and lets face it there’s no escaping it! Whether it’s on TV, radio, in the paper or on the Internet. You can easily find the latest medal rankings. I’ve suffered a slight case of Olympic fever. And it’s sprinted, swam and cycled onto the consoles and on Microsoft too.


The game is made by SEGA and is the official, fully licensed by the Olympics game.
This is the first Olympic game to feature the use of PlayStation Move & Kinect on certain events in party mode.
Luckily for me I didn’t have to shell out £32.99 (GAME). But my brother did. The game features a couple of different game modes: play through events in the Olympics as a country of your choice, choose two events to do on any day and compete in the semi final and final with a tally of all the medals you win. You’ll find yourself button bashing your way to glory. With a massive choice of events from the popular 100m and the Keirin to the more unusual, such as beach volleyball and the pistol shooting.
Another play mode is the event play, a mode where you can make a playlist of your favourite games and compete with or against up to 3 other players. And then there’s party play – its exactly what you expect from the title a more laid back, casual approach to the games. You are able to choose from the more fun and group friendly events to compete in as well as some more arcade-like events like archery blitz and javelin target throw.
Playing online is fun and simple too. Set up and play in a private tournament with your friends and like events play choose what you want in your tournament. Alternatively you can play against others in the world and represent your home nation or another if you wanted to, and collect medals to place higher in the ‘National Pride’, a table used to keep a tally of all your medals you’ve won during the online competitions.
One of the biggest drawbacks of playing with others when it’s split screen is that the individual screens are very small and photounless you’re playing on a large screen it can seem abit lost. I have a 43″ 3D TV and it felt hard to follow in certain sports.
The game also plays in 3D which just adds that little extra in immersing you into the game.
I do really like the game and it’s best played with friends and family as you find yourself screaming and shouting to reach that gold position to gloat to your opponents. But you can’t help but smile all the way through no matter what position you end in.
It’s a great game all-round, you can play it with your friends online, your family at a party or even just by yourself. Striving for the all important Olympic gold.

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