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New Art AcademyNintendo has decided the time is right for a follow up to the Art Academy for Nintendo DS game that got us all scribbling away on our handheld gaming devices back in 2009 – but what are the new features we can expect from the title?

Well of course, you can anticipate the expert tutelage of Vince –the game’s in-house schoolmaster and artistic tipster – to be back, guiding you through a selection of classes and tests of your ability that aim to sharpen your creativity as well as your pencil. However, there are a whole host of brand new lessons that Nintendo is promising with New Art Academy that might also prove tempting.

Each time you’re able to complete one of the core lessons, for example, you’ll be given the chance to test out your new skills with one of the mini lessons that follow. Here, you’ll use all of the techniques you have picked up across the introductory and advanced courses, which include the best ways of using all of the paints, pastels and pencils that are available as you progress – and this time there are even more to choose from.

Of course, each of these artistic materials has been developed to give you a very ‘real world’ feeling, something which should be helped by such an extensive range of options. These include three grades of pencil that are either pointed or blunted for shading, with extras like erasers, charcoal and white pencil to help give you extra tools at your disposal to enhance your latest masterpiece.New Art Academy

Nintendo has also promised that in addition to the extras that come with the new game, there will be more made available later. What’s great about this release though is the ability to share everything you do with others, either locally or through SpotPass system on the 3DS console. You can of course save your images on your SD card too, or use them alongside Nintendo letterbox. Alternatively, just show off your work in a special 3D gallery.
There looks like there will be loads for people to enjoy with Nintendo 3DS New Art Academy, whether you are new to the game or are looking to sharpen your abilities even more. You can expect the game to drop later this year, but keep an eye out for an official release date.
Sourced from Nintendo UK.

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