So some new images have surfaced from Rockstar and they look great! To me the images are a little insight to more of the fun side of the game and a nod to the original San Andreas.

The Cheeta is one of the original and favorite vehicles of the GTA series and has gone through a massive change by the looks of it for the new game.


BMX’s & Mountain bikes were one of, if not the best thing to grace the GTA series. They were fun, practical and with them possibly being usable online they will more than likely be the most popular choice of transport. Gangs of friends and foes chasing each other down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an online game mode involving bikes.

This may or may not be the Hydra Jet but if it is then a new and improved version of something that was so cool back in 2004 can only be a good thing. If it isn’t the Hydra and its something new, I’m not one to complain. With visible rockets and more than likely other features you’ll be the top dog of the airways.


Hopefully Rockstar will start to release more and more on GTA V now that Max Payne 3 is out of the way. Keep a close eye here for future information.

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