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From a seemingly bizarre mix of what looks like Pikmin and Patapon comes a quirky Vita exclusive, Orgarythm. Developed by Acquire, Orgarythm scheduled to release stateside sometime this year.








Predominantly a rhythm/strategy game, in Orgarythm you take the role of God of Light. As God of Light it is pretty much obligatory that you must defeat the God of Darkness, and so you will have to. You’ll do battle by sending out your elemental soldiers, which you control to the beat of funky electronic/club/rock and tribal music. The commands are inputted entirely through the Vita’s touch control interface. Here you’ll be tapping to select troops, swiping to direct them towards the desired target, and syncing your actions to the beat of the constantly changing music.


Along with the usage of rhythm as a weapon, Orgarythm also utilizes an element system to add a new layer of strategy to the game. Following a classic earth-water-fire type system each troop is assigned one of these elements. Each unit has a particular strength and weaknesses and all the enemy units will as well.

If you’re a big rhythm game lover like I am, or maybe just want some more games to fill you Vita’s library, Orgarythm is definitely a game to look out for. The official PlayStation site says it’s currently scheduled to release in Japan on August 9th, 2012. Watch for it stateside sometime later this year.

Orgarythm gameplay video

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