picotto knights

Game Arts is creating a free-to-play hack title for the Vita being released in Japan. Picotto Knights, a game almost as adorable as its name, will allow up to four player on line co-op. You will also be able to play solo and use AI controlled party members of previous players you have battled alongside. Of course you don’t actually need to have met any other players to play with AI controlled characters. Battles will take place in real time and on a side-scrolling field. Players will take control of soldiers called cocoroids, and these soldiers are very customizable.

picotto knight







Everything from weapons to skillets to appearance can be modified by the player. This will create a very diverse team when finding new players to fight with. There are 8 weapons available to chose from which includes: blade, spear, axe, hammer, claw, chakram, rod and bowgun.

picotto knight







There’s no official release date for the game in Japan, and so far no say as to whether this game will make it stateside. Picotto Knights is something the Vita desperately needs, and it would be very foolish of Sony to allow it to stay exclusively in Japan.  To learn more about Picotto Knights you can visit the official website, but don’t be surprised if you have trouble making heads or tails of it.

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