playstation all-stars delayed1

playstation all stars delayed

In a mildly depressing turn of events, PlayStation All-Stars has finally been delayed. I say finally because it seems like every game is destined to be delayed at least once these days. SuperBot says their goals are to deliver a fun, balanced and polished game to their audience. To do that they ask for a little more time before they release their new title.

SuperBot commends the Beta players, thanking them for giving such great feedback in regards to their game. They plan on using much of this feedback to further improve the game. One of the complaints was over a lack of character balance, and since they referenced it as a problem it seems like they will begin looking into it.

Superbot has also promised some exciting reveals for Gamescon. While I’m sure it’s in the form of character reveals we may have already been aware of, I am excited nonetheless.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is now set to release on November 20th, 2012. To read the quote straight from the mouth of Superbot Entertainment, check the official blog.


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