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No the title isn’t a typo. Pre order the newest harvest moon game and get a yak! In case you haven’t heard (and I’m sure many of you probably haven’t) Natsume is soon to be releasing a new Harvest Moon title into their popular series. The new title is aptly named Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

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A New Beginning will be joining A Tale of Two Cities as a 3DS game, but unlike Tale of Two Cities it will only be released for the 3Ds and built completely for it. A New Beginning also has a mechanic unlike any of the previous Harvest Moon games. This game is completely customizable in ways never seen before. You’ll be able to control the lay out of your farm, choose Eastern and Western styles of buildings, and your character is entirely customizable regarding eyes, hair, clothes and skin! Gone are the days of the default Harvest Moon character being the only choice.

In A New Beginning you have inherited a small farm from your parents. The town nearest the farm is not very lively, all of the younger citizens moved away. As you work hard farming and raise the worth of your town people will begin to move in. With more people moving in you will gain access to a plethora of new shops and marriage candidates.

harvest moon


Oh yes, about the yak. Pre-order Harvest Moon: A New Beginning from Gamestop and you will receive this adorable Yak when you pick up the game.

harvest moon yak

How could you not want to pre-order now? Natsume has yet to declare if you will be able to pre-order and get this yak from any other retailers besides Gamestop. I would also like to point out Gamestop has a release date on their page, but it is not official. Natsume has yet to announce a release date for their newest title.

To learn more about Harvest Moon: A New Beginning you can watch the official trailer. If you want to see Natsume’s announcement to release the Yak to pre-orders it can be found on their Facebook page. The official release date has yet to be announced, but Natsume promises an official announcement before too long.

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