punch hero

Punch Hero is a game that gets right to the point. Add some pictures of your friends from Facebook, then punch them in the face. Well, alright, that’s not exactly the goal of the game- but it’s possible! It’s a feature of the game and you can take advantage of it! Hell, if you’re a masochist you can add your own face and punch it a few times.

Punch Hero Released on Android Market - n3rdabl3

Aside from punching yourself and your friends in the face, Punch Hero has quite a few features. You can customize your own character that comes with you into the ring, from face accessories to hair styles to clothing. It also has three different modes to play with: Arcade Mode, Amateur Mode and Pro Mode. And it of course comes with Game Center achievements, because what would a game be without some form of points to reward you.

Punch Hero Released on Android Market - n3rdabl3

Punch Hero comes from developer Gamevil Inc., a company you may be familiar with thanks to their wildly popular RPG Zenonia. Much like Zenonia, Punch Hero incorporates stylized and original graphics. Unlike Zenonia, Punch Hero let’s you punch your friends in the face. Come on guys, what else do you need besides that?

Punch Hero is available for download FOR FREE on the Google Play store which can be found here, and also on the iTunes store conveniently located right here , next to the internet hot dog stand.


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