angelic burster

Maplestory has been releasing a huge surge of classes lately. The original Maplestory consisted of four jobs and ten classes. Soon after the pirates were reduced as another job, Maplestory began to over saturate their game with an endless choice of classes to pick from. As of this month, Korean Maplestory has over 30 classes, with more being added every few months.

The original jobs in Maplestory consisted of Warriors, Magicians, Archers, Thieves, and later, Pirates. Each job has a few different classes that fall under them. For example, if you choose to play a warrior, the different classes you may choose from are: spearman, paladin, fighter, demon slayer, and aran.  Every job is like this, and most jobs have at least five classes to choose from.

Recently Maplestory has created a new class. I’ll post the video, and you try to guess which job it belongs to. You don’t get points if you already know, so don’t feel smug about it.

If you guessed anything other than a rowdy, rough pirate, well, you’d be completely wrong. When you play as Angelic Burster, you get a special transformation mode. You can even buy special clothes to customize your transformed look to make it all you. I’m not really sure why Maplestory decided to take this route, but here it is.

Hilarious as it is, Angelic Burster has some of the highest base attack damage in the game. She has moves that do 5000% damage. Most of the strongest skills in the game reach about 1200% damage, with a few exceptions. Here’s the icing on the cake- that classes race is a dragon. A DRAGON. Maplestory has a pirate dragon that turns into sailor moon.

Now is your chance, it’s not too late to join.

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