The not-so-new Tekkit launcher has stormed in popularity with Minecraft players, and acts as a compilation of popular and incredible modifications as a means to turning Minecraft into a whole new game. These mods include Industrialcraft, Buildcraft and the mind blowing Equivalent Exchange!
The Tekkit Launcher does not take away from the basis of Vanilla Minecraft. The whole point is to survive, but it simply adds to that experience. Instead of constantly diving into caverns as a means of generating diamonds and iron, you can simply set up a quarry to do it for you. I feel that the whole point is to help with the menial tasks of Minecraft that some may not enjoy. Instead of smelting ore, simply set up a piping system! These easy methods just help to make your Minecraft life that little bit easier.
However, with Tekkit comes complications, large complications! With new mods means new items, and new items means new recipes, most of which are very hard to remember! That is the one downfall for the Tekkit, but it is something that cannot be avoided. Luckily for those of us not blessed with photographic memory (I envy those of you that are), there is the Too Many Items mod, which allows you to see all the items in the game, sorted into a catalogue, and when these are clicked, the recipe is displayed and it will take you step by step into making your desired machine or item.java

With the Tekkit launcher, you are not restricted to just Tekkit. Other playable options are the YogBox; a compilation of mods assembled by the Yogscast, The Technic Pack, a pack of mods similar to Tekkit but restricted to single player, but does include more mods such as the Forestry Mod, The Voxel Modpack, a series of mods recommended by the Voxelbox and finally Hack/Mine, an adventure mod based around choosing one of three classes and exploring dungeons. However I feel that these other options are overshadowed by the giant that is Tekkit. Given the choice, I would jump at the chance to play Tekkit over the other available options any day of the week.

javaI love Tekkit, despite all the problems you are bound to run into, all the anger as you machines explode, all the happiness when your nuclear reactor gives off energy for the first time, there is really no other gaming experience like it. Tekkit servers are some of the best places to be, whether your working together to make a power station, or waging war against each other with nuclear deterrents, it’s all fun! For anyone that loves Minecraft as much as me, I implore you to try Tekkit, it will change everything you know and love into a much greater passion.

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