The Curse

Game developers MojoBones Ltd. and Toy Studio have joined together to co-produce The Curse, a new puzzle game for iOS and Android.

“The mysterious figure appears from behind a burst of smoke, his voice deep and

‘I must say, I can’t thank you enough for your generous gift of freedom. I’ve been
hidden away for so long…’

The realization of what you’ve done suddenly hits. Upon activating the book you’ve
unleashed an ancient curse and unwittingly released the Mannequin: a mischievous
adversary who lays a challenge before you.

‘Solve all pages of this very book, and you can undo what you have so accidentally
done. I’ll be a good sport and give you a head start with the puzzle in this very press
release. However, success is highly unlikely…'”

Players are required to solve all 100 puzzles within the mysterious cursed book. Puzzles range in difficulty from cipher riddles, confusing logic puzzles to fast finger reflex puzzles. As players progress they’ll learn more about the strange Mannaquin figure that’ll appear during the interactive cut-scene intermissions.

The Curse has 10 different puzzle types each with unique challenges that can earn the player cogs that unlock secret compartments within the cursed book. Players can also share their accomplishments with the world and get help from their friends.

As an added bonus, on The Curse website you can enter for a chance to win $100 all you have to do is figure out the cryptic puzzle and enter your result.

The Curse will be coming to iOS tomorrow (August 23rd) but no date has been set for the Android, Amazon, and Nook releases.

While you wait for this awesome game to be released check out the video trailer below.

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