Many were demanding a media player, and now you have it. With over 7 million funded and only a day left to go, Ouya has officially partnered up with XBMC. It seems fitting the open-source media player would couple up with the open source video game console. I didn’t really think the Ouya needed a media player consider everything and their dogs can stream nowadays (I need to get me one of those media streaming dogs). The option is nice to have though, I definitely won’t complain about added features. The great thing about XMBC is that it runs in 40 different languages, so all the people around the world will be able to partake in the majesty that is Ouya and its apps. Or at least some of its apps.

They have also used their latest an announcement as a way to add that they have partnered up with TuneIn. TuneIn boasts over 70,000 stations in 230 countries and territories, really meaning it when they say they want the world to listen. What Ouya devs haven’t announced is if we are able to run TuneIn and listen to radio while we’re playing our new favorite games. Now that’s something  can definitely get behind.

At the end of their Kickstarter, Ouya plans to move over to their own, brand new little site http://www.ouya.tv/ The site isn’t up now, but expect it to be going live shortly after the end of the kickstarter. And last but not least, the Ouya is tiny and adorable.

ouya tiny

How can you look that adorable cube in the eye and not support it? That’s my question. The controller also seems a bit small, admittedly something I’m not terribly excited about.

ouya controller

I thought the PlayStation remote was already a bit too small, but I can see this being even more uncomfortable for my arthritic hands. Regardless, coupled with the tiny console it will be easy to pack up and fit about anywhere. Carrying my PlayStation around is definitely not a happy time.

Ouya’s release date is sometime in March 2013. To see the official Kickstarter announcement about XBMC go here. To learn more about the Ouya from us, read this. Finally, thanks to Anna for always proving my proofing is never enough.

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