Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise

dfb f ec ace eedeGames like Call of Duty and Battlefield are plastered across all platforms as being the ‘must have games’, and although this may be true, there are other games that I feel deserve just as much attention. Other games that are on the other side of the video game spectrum offer just as much fun and playability as the ever so popular first person shooters, and they are very often left out of the lime light, which I feel is a travesty!

For me, the must have game for the Xbox 360 is Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise. This simulation game offers players hundreds of hours of game play, with access to over 90 Piñatas to tame and look after, as well as the ability to grow plants and play other mini games using the very piñatas you’ve tamed and loved!

Many may read this, and feel that the game sounds incredibly childish and something that does not specifically target them in regards to what is on offer. However, no matter what your preference in video games, I have no doubt in my mind that anyone can pick up this game, enjoy it, and then find themselves pulled back into the garden. It is difficult to explain, but the sense of accomplishment offered by the various tasks at hand in Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise is something that far outweighs the pride of getting a headshot. A subconscious attachment is also formed to each and every Piñata, making it very difficult to put down the controller. The shear cuteness of the piñatas is something that will easily beckon gamers into playing for hours at a time.

cced de  d bacfddAlthough the game is dated, having been released in 2008 by Rare Ltd, the game is sensationally pretty. The focus is obviously piñatas, but it does not go completely over the top with piñata references, and instead of being tacky, it’s charming. The graphics are not fabulously detailed like those in Battlefield, but then again their not supposed to be! A game like this is not supposed to look realistic, it’s to make people smile with the rather cartoony look to the distinguishably different piñatas who you’ll grow to know and love! With regards to this, the graphics go above and beyond what they are required to do. The minor details on the piñatas and plants help to indulge players into the experience of developing and living in their own fantasy garden!

The game also sports co-operative play, both through Xbox Live and Split Screen play, so you can share your garden or explore others into discovering new combinations and variants that can further add to the joy of playing Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise. Using the split screen option means that up to 4 family members or friends can share in the fun.

dd f f bb cababI have been playing this game since its release, and the fun and novelty of the game never fails to wear off. Many may see it as a game that starts off fun, but then decreases until the game itself ends up on a dusty shelf. This is not the case. Purchasing this game will keep its playability value for as long as the disc is readable! There billions of combinations of gardens that are available to players, and you will definitely find yourself trying out the different setups in order to master the game.

I feel that this type of game has become stuck in the shadows of the mainstream first person shooters that are dominating the video game market, and hopefully small actions like mine may help others to appreciate the other games that are available. You can pick this game up for a very small amount of money, and I urge you to try, I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

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