wii u cases2

On Amazon.ca the box art for a few Wii U games seems to have been popping up. These games include Assassin’s Creed III, Marvel’s The Avengers: Battle for Earth and Just Dance 4. Gamestop and Target have also revealed a few of the game cases. Though Nintendo has yet to confirm these as the official cases, with the multiple sites publishing these box prints, I don’t think these are just placeholders.

wii u cases

The box design is very basic; a blue half circle at the top highlighted by yellow. The Wii U symbol sits at the top. I find it a bought odd seeing the Nintendo brand on these games usually reserved for the stronger consoles. I’m used to the Nintendo cases having cute Kirby art and cartoony details, not a realistic man running on a dramatic smokey-grey background. I just want things to go back to they way they were!

wii u cases

Art this brown and surly is reserved for the Xbox and PlayStation, not my adorable little Nintendo. Nintendo needs color and joy and love, not men axing each other in the face. Then again, I never really was comfortable with the Wii U playing these bigger, more gritty games. I always wanted the Wii U to be the little brother of the trio, and now it looks like the little brother has grown up. Or at least entered his teens.


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