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XBox Live Arcade, or as I like to call it, Ex-Blah, will soon be getting its first Free-To-Play game! And no, I will not be discussing what is and isn’t “free-to-play” in this article. But maybe later.

Happy Wars is a super cute action multiplayer almost MOBA style game. In it you take control of a spherical fighter to battle in over-the-top combat arenas.  You have three choices of characters for you to tactically destroy people with- warrior, mage, and cleric. Well, I guess clerics probably won’t be tactically destroying anyone on their own.

happy wars


30 people will be able to play at a time with this game offering 15 v. 15 battles. The terrain is also something to look forward to, as Happy Wars promises a break from the dingy browns and browns of today’s games.  Happy Wars will also have a solo campaign, for all of you anti-social people (like me) out there. They also have a cool little feature utilizing a tag system. From the Happy Wars website,

Players have the option to enter text as their “Tag”. People with the same “Friendly Tag” are placed in a team together, and they are matched up against players with an “Enemy Tag”.
Using the tag system, players have fun battling between clans or between “Dog Lovers” vs. “Cat Lovers”, “Star Wars Fans” vs. “Star Trek Fans”, and other factions.


happy wars


Happy Wars is very reminiscent of the PlayStation favorite Fat Princess. Not that that’s a bad thing at all; we need more great games like it out there to be accessible to all players. Happy Wars will be available for download to all XBox Live Gold Members this autumn at no extra cost. To learn more about this Indie game on the horizon visit the Happy Wars official site.

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