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There’s a new Youtube app on PlayStation 3. While this certainly near the top of my list of “Things PlayStation Needs Now” neither was Crunchyroll, but I have been enjoying its new app quite a bit. Having this app will certainly make things more convenient. I never watched Youtube on my PS3 before just because it was such a hassle navigating the browser and actually getting on Youtube. Now Sony has provided me with an easy direct-access alternative.

The Youtube app has a very clean, very attractive display. There are different categories of videos such as Recommended, your uploads, and your favorites. Scrolling over one of these categories will display a horizontal list of videos for you to choose from.

youtube app ps

Something else pretty cool about this new app, you’ll be able to use your phone as a remote. I really can’t think of a time you’ll be using your PlayStation and your phone will be more convenient to use than the remote in your hand, but hey, it’s there. And it’s cool. Of course one of the ways this phone support is very useful resides i the fact you can play Youtube videos from your phone to your Tv.  Now if you want to show your friend a video you happened to find on your phone, instead of him hunching over your shoulder to watch or having to find it on the PC, you can just swipe and play it through your PlayStation.

youtube app ps

Now that there’s an easily accessible Yotube app on my PlayStation 3 maybe I will be more inclined to look up videos if I need help in a game, (me need help? Never.) or even if I’m just reminded of something funny while I’m on my PlayStation.

To learn more about the Youtube App visit the official PlayStation Blog. This new app can be downloaded right now, either under My Channels in the XMB, or in the PSN store.


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André C. Santos

The PS3 Youtube experience was simply horrible. More than often I found myself trying to use it, only to quit seconds later highly frustrated. This was definitely a must!