superfluidThe 100 Day Project was set-up by Virgin Media to seek out raw UK talent and show support to the UK computer games industry. The challenge was simple, create a game for mobile devices in 100 days. Developers of all kinds filled out the entry form for this extraordinary project and a team of developers from Essex University named Surface Tension Studios have been chosen to take on the ultimate challenge of developing a mobile game from absolutely nothing in just 100 days.

The game is called Superfluid and is going to be revealed live at the Eurogamer Expo – not only that the developers have to complete the final level in front of the live audience at the Event.

To help things out a bit, they’ve been given the support of two mentors, David Perry from GaiKai and Craig Lawson from Ubisoft.

Superfluid is a puzzle based platform game and should be available for both Android and iOS. Players must solve each puzzle by changing the Superfluid to either a solid, liquid or gas state. Each state has it’s own special abilities which can be used to solve each puzzle. Navigating the Superfluid through each level is done by changing the room temperature to decide what state the Superfluid should take, players then use the handsets accelerometer to navigate the Superfluid through each puzzle. The game’s story follows Superfluid’s attempts to escape from its creators Dynosplice, facing a variety of puzzles and challenges to navigate through each level, and get past enemies, including Diabolic Jelly and Stalligmite.

If you’ve been following the blog over at you may have already seen aspects of the game in progress with the blog being updated on a regular basis, but those of you who have yet to learn about the 100 Day Game Project can find out more by watching the video below.

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