Rule the Skies with Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online is a brilliant new online multiplayer co-op game with an entirely new concept. The developers Muse Games have thought outside of the ‘shooting everyone and everything in the face’ box and thought about how players could work together in a team.

goi guns of icarus online Rule the Skies with Guns of Icarus Online goiGuns of Icarus Online is a game where players work together in a team of four to battle against other teams who’re both in huge Steam Punk style air-ships. In the game lobby players can choose their role of either, Captain, Engineer, or a Gunner. Each of these different roles require the player to perform differently throughout the Skirmish. Captains are the ones in charge of flying the air-ship and issuing commands to the other players. This is because the Captain has the best field of vision to find and navigate towards the enemy. Players who choose the Gunner role primarily have to run from gun to gun to fire at the enemy air ship. Engineers can also run from gun to gun, but they’re also in charge of repairing damaged guns and any damage to the ship during battle.

goi guns of icarus online Rule the Skies with Guns of Icarus Online goi3

The game takes on a strange mix of FPS mixed with aerial combat which I personally think is awesome.

There are several different choices of game types all ranging from 1v1 to 4v4 with game types like Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Resource Race and in the works is a PVE map vs. AI controlled ships and will hopefully be available just after launch.

I had the pleasure of playing with one of the Muse Games team who talked me through the game play and as soon as I got used to the controls and the position of the different guns I frickin’ loved it. At the moment though it does still have a few bugs to iron out, and that’s why they’ve announced recently that they’ve set the release date back to October 29th giving them an extra 30 days to assess the problems and issue a fix.

goi guns of icarus online Rule the Skies with Guns of Icarus Online goi1My only concern with this game is that it relies heavily on voice communication, something that I’m not all that keen on. There is the option to chat using your keyboard like with most online games, but once you’ve typed it all out, the moment has most probably passed by. I asked if there were any thoughts on adding some sort of in game “call-out” commands such as “Enemy to the left!” in the near future and I was told that something along those lines are on the table.

Overall I’m really impressed with this game, and even though the beta isn’t too populated at the moment the games you do get into are fast paced and thrilling and every second of play is enjoyable.

Those of you who’re itching to play this game will be happy to hear that Muse Games are going to be holding a 15,000 beta key giveaway on steamgifts starting next Monday (24th Sept) and should run up until the Eurogamer expo. So keep an eye out for that! While I’m on the subject of the Eurogamer Expo, if you’re attending be sure to head over to the Rezzed area to check out Guns of Icarus Online for yourself!

For more information and to pre-order Guns of Icarus online check out their website


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