The World Cyber Games

WCGThe World Cyber Games is probably the world largest E-Sports event. 2011’s World Cyber Games was host to over 600 gamers representing 60 nations, 40,000 visitors, and over 36 million real time viewers watched the event and has been coined as “the largest global electronic sport tournament”. The WCG is operated by World Cyber Games Inc. a South Korean company and aims to emulate popular world events such as the Olympic Games. The WCG event also has it’s own opening ceremony and players from various different countries compete, much like the Olympics, for Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

starcraftUnfortunately the WCG isn’t too popular over here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we’re not (like in most other sporting events) a worthy contender, in fact in 2011 a player by the name of BlinG managed to get to the quarterfinals of the WGC before he was beat 2-1 by a South Korean player named Mvp.

This years WCG, sponsored by Samsung for the 13th consecutive year will be held in Kunshan, China on November 29th until December 2nd, and has already reached an astonishing 300,000 players that have taken part in qualification globally.

For the 2012 WCG, UK qualifications will take part at two different venues this year the first being the Eurogamer Expo and the second being Multiplay’s Insomnia 46 gaming festival. There will be 10 players representing the UK on three different titles; 7 players are needed for World of Tanks, 2 StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players, and 1  FIFA12 player. Other games in this years event are; Cross FireDOTA 2WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne – These three along with Starcraft II and FIFA12 are considered the “Official Games”, there are also four “Promotional Games” these titles are; Counter-Strike OnlineDotA Allstars,  QQ Speed, and the previously mentioned World of Tanks.

worldoftanksThe 10 lucky players that qualify will get an all expenses paid trip to Kushan, China and will also compete for the chance to win a share of $250,000 along with additional product prizes from the many sponsors at the event such as a Samsung Notebook PC, an nVidia Graphics Card, and a Seagate Portable HDD for example. So far the UK has had over 5000 entrants (to date) but this number doesn’t actually count the entrants at this years Eurogamer Expo.

fifaIt’s been reported that South Korea are the favourites to win the Starcraft II competitions but with players like BlinG, I’m sure we could be a strong contender for the top spot this year.

If you think you’ve got what  it takes to represent the UK at this years WCG and you’re attending either the Eurogamer Expo or Multiplay’s Insomnia 46 gaming festival why not give it a go, maybe this year, with the Olympics and all, be our year!

Head on over to the Samsung stand this weekend at the Eurogamer Expo to check out players trying to qualify for the WCG and take part yourself!

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