I don’t think anything really needs to be said…

Sadly though its my job to say something, wow springs to mind to start with. This DLC will kick Battlefield 3 up a gear literally with the addition of vehicles. This expansion includes 4 new maps, one of which is boasting to be the biggest in Battlefield history! New vehicle – such as new tanks, ATV’s and even mobile artillery & one new game mode – Tank superiority!

This DLC looks like alot of fun and will breathe new life into Battlefield 3 again for me personally. Armored Kill is out now to all Battlefield 3 Premium members on PS3. XBOX 360 & PC premium members will have to wait till 11th Sept. If you aren’t a Premium member you’ll have to wait till 18th Sept. (PS3) & 25th Sept (360 and PC).

Battlefield for me has always lacked a massive vehicle based map and has always had the potential to have one. And now, finally it’s here. I think you’ll find even the best of players having to change their tactics with the fact that nearly everyone will be armored up in war hardened vehicles… apart from quad bikes, you’re probably going to get shot off them. Alot!

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