Blob Squad

The name of this Android app is “Blob Squad”. What’s your first reaction? Mine was, “Hmm.. Sounds like a childs game, but lets give it a shot,” and oh boy, am I glad that I did.

At first, the music that plays in the background suits my first reaction, making it seem like a game my little cousin would play, but after a while, it seems to grow on you. When you start up the first mission, there’s a blob in the middle of the screen, and you have to press the button, depending on what colour it is. Seems simple enough. Seems.


SCIn actual fact, every single level is challenging. At the end of every level you get a rating of 1-5 stars, and I’m struggling to get 3! They are so addicting though, they just make you want to go back and attempt them again, just to get a higher score. By far, the hardest level so far seems to be the “Blongnoid” stage (pictured above). Sort of like a pong-game, with blobs. It’s so unpredictable though!

It’s sad to see a game with so much potential, with new stages being added every so often, to only have 500+ downloads. This game really should be looking at thousands, because the potential it has is just massive!

This game is definitely worth a download! I mean come on, if it entertains you and its free, what more could you want?


Blob Squad – Play Store

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