Tonight at midnight (EST), the long anticipated sequel to the game that may have revolutionized the first-person shooter, is due to be releases.  I cannot contain my excitement for the game.  No other game has ever been made like Borderlands.  No other game has been able to replicate its style of play along with the immense immersion of having millions upon millions of different weapons, items and pickups.  Now, the only company that could have possibly one-upped the original, Gearbox, is at it again, with the promise of more guns, better game-play, a better story, and well frankly, they promise a better game.

The first set of reviews have come in and they are raninging from a good game, to an excellent, must buy game.  However, I cannot comment on how it is until my review for the game come out tomorrow, after I have put in a few hours into the game, and by a few hours, I mean ten or more.

Until then, happy vault dwelling.

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