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guildwarsI have been playing Guild Wars 2 for just over a week, and I’m not sure what I think. I have never played the previous instalment Guild Wars, and did not take part in any of the Betas that were on offer previously. In a way, I believe that this has both hindered and improved my ability to play the game.
Firstly, since I have never played before, I am not familiar with the lore or story, which takes away from my ability to immerse myself. For me, without a good story, or good multiplayer, a game is very difficult to get it to, and so far I have not experienced any signs of a good story. However, in the games defence, I am a very low level, so my progress is rather small, and I may not have hit upon any of the major plot points within my class. For those with a more experience with the universe of Guild Wars, they will not have this problem.
My unfamiliarity to the universe can also serve me well, because I literally have no idea what to expect. Everything that happens in game is a new and thrilling surprise, and I for one very much enjoy a surprise in my video games. New unfound features or plot twists are the things I thrive to find, and so far in my Guild Wars 2 career, I‘ve found a few features that have really impressed me.guildwars
I feel that Guild Wars 2 has revolutionised the MMO world, and this is something I feel to be very difficult. The market has clearly been shaped by World of Warcraft, and this game will never topple from its place as the world’s most successful and played MMO. Star Wars The Old Republic tried to change MMO’s with its new story applications and flashpoints, but it never really dented the giant that is WoW (World of Warcraft). Guild Wars 2 however, I feel is a potential candidate for the future of the game type. Its beautiful graphics, customisation and random quests give a more natural feel, and these are not the standard collect or kill quests. They vary from scouting out locations to defending keeps to helping out farmers. Every quest is different, which will definitely keep players on their toes.
The races and classes present in GW2 are a definite selling point for the game, because of the shear variety that’s present. Whether you choose the simple human, the tree-like Sylvari or the giants that are the Norn, every race offers a very different perspective of the war that rages throughout the land. Although there are only 5 races, there is still room for more, and in the future we very well may see some new introduced. The class system has also added some more freedom to players, because they no longer need to rely on a healer. Each class comes with its very only skill slot for a heal, allowing players to be more self reliant when battling a serious foe with other players.
guildwarsGraphics wise, the game is beautiful, but it is only beautiful if your computer can handle the demands, which are much greater than its competitors. SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) was very user friendly because pretty much all computers were able to run it in one way or another, but Guild Wars can only be fully enjoyed to the up most maximum if you have good enough specs.
Despite these issues, Guild Wars 2 should have definitely sent a shiver up Blizzards spine, because it is truly revolutionary. The upcoming Mists of Pandaria has to perform a very large task for it to be able to take the limelight off of Guild Wars 2. Future updates and expansions for GW2 may completely counter the Blizzard giant, and I very much hope it does.

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