Motorola to Reveal Bezel Free Smartphone

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The announcement/rumour has been circling around the net for a couple of days now of Motorola’s plan to release a bezel free, full-screened smartphone.

The original report was done by Bloomberg on the 31st of August states that Motorola plan to announce the full-screened phone “at their event with Verizon next week”. This report has been met with mixed impressions with those who think it’s a good idea and would give lower end smartphones more screen real estate, and others that think that it’s a bad idea due to the screens added vulnerability due to the lack of bezel.#

The report (found here) also mentions “The model also would be one of the first full-screen phones in the U.S., meaning it uses the entire front of the device as a display.” The author of the report also tweeted about the article using words like “sans bezel” and has made the same claims on video according to Android Police.

There are many things that point towards the announcement being true also, such as the tag line for the previously mentioned event with Verizon is “Let us Take You to The Edge”.

We’ve got just under two weeks until the event and we’ll then know for sure if this is speculated hype or the real deal.

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