I’ve had Steam for over two years now but I’ve only ever bought one game and that was Dead Space when it was on sale a few weeks ago for around £3. That aside, I play a fair few games on Steam, but they’re mostly the Free-to-Play games and there’s a HUGE selection and to be honest, they’re not that bad at all.

Most of the Free-to-Play games are games you don’t necessarily need Steam for but it just makes it a whole lot easier to play these games if they’re all listed on one program. The reason why most of these games are free to play is because of the vast amount of in game purchases you can only make if you use their specific currency that you have to pay for with real world money, but it’s not a huge part of any of the games, it just gives you the opportunity to buy fancy outfits or better weaponry. It doesn’t hinder the game-play nor does it impose in such a way that you feel you need to purchase 1000GAMEBUCKS to progress.

With that said my favourite three games I’m addicted to are:

tf bigTeam Fortress 2 – The most popular Steam Free-to-Play game by a mile, if you haven’t played TF2 then you’re in for a treat! It’s a simple game with cartoon style graphics that was originally a Half Life mod that became so popular it was made into its own game. You’re given a set of 9 players to choose from each with their own unique personality. That’s right, personality. Players have warmed to the characters so much that you’ll find an array of fan fiction, fan art, comics and videos based on each of the characters.

The game typically involves two teams, RED and BLU playing against each other to complete the objectives but Valve has recently turned up the heat and added a completely new co-operative game mode called Mann vs. Machine where players are put against waves of robots to prevent them from blowing up Mann Co. You can read more about this here.

APB ReloadedAPB Reloaded – I’m fully addicted to this game at the moment, I have no idea why but I can’t seem to stop playing it. APB Reloaded is a game where players choose to be either Enforcers or Criminals in a city called San-Paro. The game takes on a very familiar game play to the later GTA series but more multiplayer based. Players “pledge” themselves to a certain ‘boss’ who throughout online play throws different objectives at you. You’re not alone though, the game automatically puts you in a group with other online players so you can work together to complete the mission at hand.

Players can fully customise their characters and cars and earn rewards for doing missions. I can’t speak for the Enforcer part of the game, but if Criminal players kill innocent civilians or get witnessed doing a crime their Notoriety goes up and better rewards are given, but along with that comes the higher chance that Enforcers will be called on you sooner.

Criminal players also have the ability to mug civilians too which is a little gruesome.

cdfbbdfdfadfffaaBlacklight: Retribution – This game is a pretty neat futuristic FPS, there’s fast paced game play as well as a vast selection of weapon customisation and game modes one of which is my personal favourite – Siege Mode – where players must advance through the level along side an armoured Mech and get to each checkpoint successfully, very similar to TF2’s Payload game mode.

Much like TF2, Blacklight: Retribution is multiplayer only and doesn’t have a single player mode other than the training level.

Through out online play you earn combat points to purchase bonuses that can be used to aid combat such as the HardSuit which are pilot-able mechs equipped with a minigun and a railgun and take a fair few shots to be taken down.

The main reason why I only play Free-to-Play games are because I’ve got an Xbox and I mostly play games on that. I usually come on Steam during the small hours of the night to play PC games and another reason is because I’ve only recently updated my system with a better graphics card so I can play PC games without having to turn the graphics and details down to their lowest.

I highly recommend trying those three games, why not… they’re free!

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