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Since our last update much more has been announced as well as the developer session line up being completed. We’re super excited for the Expo this year because we’ll be attending, and speaking to some big names in the gaming industry so keep an eye on the site for future post!

First off Nintendo announced that they’ll be at the Expo with the WiiU making it’s first UK appearance. The Expo is Nintendo’s first stop on their planned tour of the UK with the WiiU, check out their site for more information about the tour and if it’ll be coming to a shopping centre near you! Along with the Nintendo announcement came a great deal of games specifically for the WiiU that entrants can get a chance to play over the course of the event such as: Zombie U, Pikmin 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

With many, many more games announced over the past week or so, the Expo also posted the official layout of the event on Facebook (see below).

eurogamer map

With around 50,000 visitors expected to arrive over four days at the Eurogamer Expo it looks as if this one’s going to be awesome. We’ve got some incredible games being showcased as well as the developer sessions that you can’t miss out on. That brings us onto our next update. All of the developer sessions will be available to stream live on YouTube during the event, so even if you can’t make it, you can still check out the great selection of developer sessions online on the following days/times:

Thursday 27th September
12:00 – Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries – Halo 4
13:00 – Jamie Keen from Ubisoft Montreal – Far Cry 3
16:00 – Dean Hall from Bohemia Interactive – DayZ Standalone
17:30 – Torben Ellert/Christian Elverdam from IO Interactive – Hitman: Absolution

Friday 28th September
12:00 – Chet Faliszek from Valve Software – How to give yourself a job in the game industry
13:00 – Alex Hutchinson/Jonathan Cooper from Ubisoft Montreal – Assassin’s Creed 3
14:00 – Matt Webster from Criterion Games – Need for Speed: Most Wanted
15:00 – David Vonderhaar from Treyarch – Call of Duty: Blacks Ops II – Challenging Assumptions
16:00 – Ralph Fulton from Playground Games – Forza Horizon

Saturday 29th September
13:30 – David Footman from Ubisoft Toronto – Splinter Cell: Blacklist
15:30 – Clive Moody from Codemasters Racing – GRID 2: Total Race Day Immersion
16:30 – Peter Holzapfel from Crytek – Warface
17:30 – Jean Max-Morris from DONTNOD – Remember Me

Sunday 30th September
12:00 – Peter Molyneux from 22 Cans – Curiosity
13:30 – Meagan Marie/Brian Horton from Crystal Dynamics – Tomb Raider
15:00 – Lorne Lanning from Oddworld Inhabitants – Abe’s Oddysee HD
16:00 – Dominic Matthews from Ninja Theory – DmC: Devil May Cry

The live developer sessions will be broadcast on at: and via the Eurogamer YouTube channel at so bookmark and subscribe to those pages so you don’t miss out!

If you still want to buy tickets or find out in more detail what games will be making an appearance, check out

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